It’s time to tell your history.

Be by Bloco_lab is a toolkit for startups.
A shortcut for brand, pitch and growth.
Some of the people we have helped
One of the most innovative companies in Latin America, according to Fast Company Magazine, 2020.
One of the most impactful Facebook groups in the world, according to the Facebook.
Top of Mind financial news platform in Brazil
With a multidisciplinary, experienced team, be by Bloco_Labcreates custom-made packages of visual tools, storytelling, social media and presentations. A solution for entrepreneurs who are investing in a wayto tell a story. Their story.

What do we do?

Social media
Find your purpose, shake concepts and transform ideas in real plansand actions.
Eye-candy pitchdecks
Art direction at it's best.How to set your companyand the right place.Visual identity strategies.Much more than justsome doodle logos.
Killer landing pages
It's fast. It's clean. It's has everything you need to launch. 
Social media,

We make custom madeplans so you can accessall social media perkswithout a complex team.

let's talk

We have a lot to say. Send an email to pedro@blocolab.com. Easy like that.